Our Pre-press and Graphics Design department combines advanced capabilities and innovative technologies to offer a complete workflow of graphical design and pre-press development.

We utilize specialized graphics software such as Illustrator and Esko plug-ins

Our Graphics department implemented Esko’s WebCenter interface to manage artwork, packaging design, the approval process, and to provide customers with complete access to their packaging designs and artwork at all times

Hart utilizes Esko’s digital imaging equipment in conjunction with the DuPont FAST system to expose and thermally develop printing plates

For fast-tracked projects, Hart is capable of same day graphic development


Our Inks and Coatings department utilizes state of the art machinery and quality control testing equipment to provide comprehensive color management

Hart works with partners such as X-Rite for spectrophotometer based color matching and NovaFlow equipment for in- house blending and dispensing of finished inks

Hart engages in a strategic partnership with INX International Ink Company for the supply of custom tailored ink components and a comprehensive range of coatings

Hart Industries has the controls and expertise to safely provide ink formulations which meet FDA requirements for direct food contact and other food safety regulations



Evaluate, Design, Develop, Analyze


Your supply chain is our priority


Efficiency driven business

Hart Industries excels at managing projects with the goal of bringing to market new consumer products, promotions for existing consumer products, and developing new sustainable packaging solutions for existing products.

Our Project Management Team has decades of experience managing a broad range of products and applications

Hart's Quality Team works seamlessly with our Customer Service Department to ensure efficient and thorough communication between the customer and Hart

Esko’s WebCenter provides a potent customer interface allowing clear and open collaboration on all packaging aspects and designs

Our Logistics department demonstrates proficiency and efficiency when managing advanced ordering practices with centralized and/or multiple location ordering

Continuous cost evaluations and custom pricing models to maximize customer gain

Efficient manufacturing processes and custom shipping techniques provide flexible lead times and adjustable order amendments

Robust traceability under SQF Level 3 ensures compliance with regulatory demands stemming from US FDA and European Union Directives

Innovation is a primary contributor to our initiative of setting the benchmark for the flexible packaging industry

We offer our customers cost savings as efficiency driven business and operational improvements are developed

Hart creates cost savings through the implementation of continuous and sustainable improvement practices delivering:

    Lower raw material costs
    New and improved substrates
    Vertical integration in the supply chain:
      Internal Inks & Coatings Department
      Internal Pre-press & Graphics Department
      Logistics department

    Waste Reduction & Sustainability in packaging
      Pallet and core exchange programs to promote reuse and recycling
      Coreless rolls
      Sustainable packaging technology
      Lower material weight