Hart Industries is continually driven to produce and effectively supply specialty packaging products to a variety of key markets that require a high standard of quality with the emphasis on consistency and reliability.

We strive, through innovative thinking and improved efficiencies, to reach our goals of continued growth and sustainability.


Hart Industries, Inc., headquartered in Owings Mills Maryland, is a leading supplier of specialty packaging. Founded by Edward G. Hart Jr. as a privately held company in 1969, the company has grown from its humble roots into a global supplier of flexible packaging solutions.

Currently, Hart serves customers in United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, and South America whose products are distributed throughout the global marketplace.

Our mission is to supply and develop sustainable high quality flexible packaging solutions which consistently deliver consumer products safely into consumers’ hands. We pride ourselves on providing great service, world-class quality and a willingness to work with customers to improve and maintain efficient supply chains. Hart Industries has tailored its focus towards another strong 50 years of growth and successful partnerships.

Received the 2017 Baltimore County New Directions Award.